It’s a light jet, but not a small jet!

Maximum range 2 185 km
Max Speed 710 km/h
Maximum flight altitude 12 500 m
Crew 2
Cabin height 1.50 m
Number of passengers
4-5(for commercial air travel)

Executive jet EMB-500 Phenom 100 is produced by the Brazilian company Embraer and made its first flight on July 26, 2007.

Less than four years passed from Phenom 100 design to Certification. At the beginning of design the maximum flight range was 2148 km, during certified tests it showed 2182 km with 4 passengers on board and fuel reserves according to NBAA IFR. The plane needs a runway length of 953 m for take-off with the maximum take-off weight, while planned calculations showed 1037 m. Rate of climb at the increased ambient temperatures also surpassed calculated values. The landing distance according to the results of certified tests is 823 m that is 92 m less than the calculated values.


Completely integrated set of the onboard radio-electronic equipment Garmin 1000, "Embraer Prodigy (R) of Flight Deck 100" is installed on board, the most advanced than any other set of the onboard radio-electronic equipment presented in the market. There are three interchangeable 12.4’’displays in a cabin: two Primary (PFD) and one Multipurpose (MFD) Flight Displays. This system includes information on primary flight, navigation, communication, landscape, movement, weather and also Crew Alerting System. Large flight displays with an opaque antiglare surface not only show the necessary flight information, but also facilitate the crew's workload.


The airplane was designed to carry from four to six passengers and provides high level of comfort. Interior design is created in cooperation with the engineers of BMW Designworks USA. The international team of designers faced a number of difficult tasks and innovative design solutions had to be combined with strict safety standards, Embraer manufacturing specifics and customer expectations of optimum price and quality.

When completing the cabin interior only certified materials were used. Thanks to big windows natural lighting is provided to passengers. The refreshment centre, wardrobe, lavatory and luggage hold in the rear cabin provide essential facilities for a comfortable flight.

The Cabin size is: length = 3.35 m, height = 1.50 m and width =1.55 m, though small, it is possible to move around the cabin due to the clever cabin design. This aircraft has three configuration options with leather chairs. Each seat is equipped with a portable computer that allows the passenger to communicate with the pilot


The Phenom 100 is designed to carry up to six passengers (air taxi), it is also equipped with a large luggage compartment of 1.6 cubic meters that allows transporting passenger luggage along with golf bags and skis easily.

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