Comfortable, flexible

and reliable regional aircraft

Maximum range 1 732 km
Max Speed 523 km/h
Maximum flight altitude 7 620 m
Crew 4
Cabin height 1.80 m
Number of passengers

Saab340 is an excellent cost-effective option for flights in your region:

  • Modern equipment and brand new refurbished interior
  • 34/35-seats comfortable seats
  • More than 25 year track-record


Charter flight booking To book a charter from Odessa or Kiev is exceptionally easy. To receive a preliminary quote or to book a flight, you can contact our specialist operators or the sales manager, 24 hours 7 days a week. You can also call using Skype or send us an email. Alternatively you can complete a small online form which will immediately be delivered to our company and our personnel will contact you.

This form also will help you to prepare in advance the answers to the questions required by our managers to process your quote.

In addition, you can also place an order for a charter flight on any type of aircraft for any number of passengers from any airport of the world. We are able to secure discounted rates on our partner aircraft (more than 200 worldwide).