“Aerojet” originates from one of the most beautiful cities in the world, where the sea is black, the sun is warm and the people are smart and inventive.

Since ancient times, residents of Odessa have been known as innovators for their ability to find solutions to the most critical situations. Today, in incredibly tough world economic conditions, we have tried to solve the problems of private air travel just as our ancestors did. We decided that we could provide cost-effective and efficient travel by utilising modern, efficient aircraft. Despite the fact that commercial exploiting of new generation jets may seem risky, these aircraft have taken in more than a century of aircraft construction experience and aviation development. For this reason, in 2007 in France during the famous Le Bourget Airshow we agreed to purchase two Phenom 100 aircraft with Embraer (Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica – a Brazilian aircraft manufacturing company, one of the leaders on world’s passenger aircraft market). During the aircrafts manufacture we had enough time to train both pilots and engineers.

In 2011, after four years, the first aircraft was ready to be delivered from Brazil to Odessa. Six months later, in January, 2012, the second aircraft was delivered to Odessa and later to Kiev. This was the result of a huge amount of work from aviation professionals, people who really love their job.

Our company pilots and engineers have huge experience in the operation of domestic and foreign aircraft. Initial and recurrent trainings of our personnel on this new, not only for the Ukraine, but also for all former Soviet Union independent countries, aircraft are carried out at the CAE Flight Academy in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Our aircraft are based in Odessa and Kiev and are available for nonstop flights to many regions in Central, Southern and Northern Europe, the Urals and the Middle East. During the last year several politicians, businessmen, entertainment and sports stars have become our clients. Our goal after each flight is the same: a safely executed flight and happy passengers satisfied with the service and saved time. We hope that our new generation aircraft and professional team will guarantee of a successful company. Our main purpose is to provide our passengers a reliable with and fast solution to the time pressures of modern life.