August, 2011
ПFirst aircraft UR-ALA accepted at Embraer facility, Sao Jose dos Campos

In August, 2011 “Aerojet” Air Company accepted their first Embraer Phenom 100 aircraft and delivered it to Odessa. This aircraft became the first of the light jet Embraer types that appeared in the CIS countries. It was a long way home. It took 15 landings until the landing gear first touched runway 16 in Odessa.

January, 2012
Second aircraft, UR-ALB accepted

After a long five-year wait since the date of signing the contract at the Paris Airshow, the obligations of both parties were finally met.. As a result – the second aircraft was accepted. "Aerojet” proved to the Brazilians that the inhabitants of Odessa are reliable partners! Two gorgeous 21st century aircraft have decorated the Odessa Airport apron since!

May, 2012
The Flight validity certificate was received

After the aircraft receipt and initial operation alongside another certificate holder, “Aerojet” Air Company carried out its own certification procedure and acquired the right to perform commercial air transportation.